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Reflections on Red Mountain

Since this was Black Ski Inc's first trip to Red mountain in British Columbia, Canada,

I asked some of the participants to describe their experience at Red Mountain & Whitewater Resorts.

Sandy Henderson the Assistant Trip Director responded:

Simply awesome? Try imagining a 10-lane ski trail, with snow-capped trees, fresh packed powder every day, nice temperatures around 30 degrees and Sunshine!

Or, waking up for a first run, finding yourself the only skier on that trail and listening to your skis carving out new tracks.

Yes, Red Mountain was certainly a unique experience from their quaint lift chairs to the freedom to leave your belongings and ski gear unattended without fear of theft. The mountain terrain was vast, the trails miles long and the so called easy or beginner slopes were challenging, but great for strengthening your skiing techniques.

Our condos were in walking distance to the slopes, our living quarters spacious and provided us the ability to soak daily in our private balcony hot tubs.

We found the Canadian people friendly and they welcomed us with open arms. In our casual conversations, the locals couldn’t resist asking about our political mess in Washington and of course, Donald Trump, the Republican front runner.

Red Mountain and Whitewater Resort in BC ? They are both must SKI mountains and I would go back in a heartbeat!

Please see the attached photos which show you how much fun we had at the club's Spring Fling 2016.

Thanks again for another fun experience!

Cliff Oliver responded:

The mountain was much larger and steeper than anticipated to everyone's delight and earlier in the week it snowed every night so we had plenty of powder and challenge for those that wanted it.

Whitewater was a bit rustic but the skiing was good and the restaurant in the Lodge was excellent. Locals want to keep Red Mountain a secret and their own personal playground but they are building a large new hotel on the Mountain so the the secret is out!

Denise Goodson responded:

Red Mountain will be one of my most memorable ski trips. Great ski conditions and exceptional slopeside accommodations. The local community people were extremely warm and welcoming. The opportunities for group gatherings arranged by our trip leaders were very enjoyable. The free bus transportation made things very convenient and the ride to the town of Rossland was very short.

Nita-Bryant Azmar and Amir Azmar from California responded:

We applaud you Black Ski Inc for your trailblazing adventures. We came on this trip because we had never been to these mountains before, nor had we even heard of them. From now on, we will forever remember Red Mountain and Whitewater Resort. They were outstanding! I am glad we waited a year. It was well worth the wait. Our trip leaders Tanya and Sondra were outstanding. The amenities were nice. Thanks Black Ski Inc.

From the Trip Director, Tanya Jones:

This was an adventure for all of us to a new location which none of us had ever been to before. I felt once we saw all the snow on the road to Red we were in for a great week. The resort provided us with a delicious welcome breakfast our first ski day. Afterwards, we were escorted to the ski host for a free mountain tour. That was great since this was a very challenging mountain and the trail markings a little hard to find. At Red, some participants felt the green runs were blues and and their blue runs would be labeled black runs on most mountains. I was happy that after I finished a black run and when my tour guide told me it was a black run, I guess it was good I never saw the trail markings.

We were able to travel from Red to town of Rossland on the free shuttle and some participants even ventured over to the next town called Trail.

With such great skiing and getting up early for the 9am ski mountian tours, I found myself a little tried on Thursday on the way to Whitewater. However, once I saw that beautiful terrain on that mountain I found enough energy to keep up with the tour guide all around that mountain. At Whitewater they asked us not to use the ski lockers but to just put our boots and bags unlocked in a bin or on a shelf. Everything was just where we left it when we returned from skiing.

The Canadians were very friendly and welcoming. Listening to the jazz singer at the Hume Hotel in Nelson was relaxing. I found both resorts to be very laid back and relaxing. It was very nice that we were able to get together at night in the game room for cards, dancing etc. The hot tubs on each of our balconies offered us a nice private way to soothe our tired muscles.

On a more serious note, as the Trip Director I want to say I was so relieved when we all made it thru the border inspection at Patterson Crossing in less than 15 minutes.

Thanks to all the trip participants. Each of you made this a wonderful and memorable trip!

Tanya Jones.

Black Ski Trip Director.

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