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Payment Procedures

Standard Payment Methods for Black Ski Activities


IMPORTANT NOTE: For some big Ski Trips, payments are made directly to the tour agent managing the trip instead to Black Ski.  Please check with trip flyer or trip director before following the procedures below.

There are several payment methods that can be used to make payment for Black Ski ski trips, activities, membership dues, and sale items.  Payment methods listed below:

Personal Checks

  • Checks should be made out to:  "Black Ski, Inc".  Specify activity in the note field.

  • Checks can be given to the VP-Admin Support or the activity lead during a General Body meeting.

  • Checks can be mailed to the BSI Post Office Box (by Friday to be included in the week's payment report).

  • Personal checks are acceptable up to 30 days prior to an event, thereafter a money order or bank check is required.


Cash is acceptable for small payments but is discouraged for large payments. Cash must be hand delivered to the VP-Admin Support or the activity lead.  (Include a payment note)

Never send cash of any amount to the Post Office Box.



Black Ski accepts PayPal payments but there are specific requirements that must be followed.

See the PayPal Instructions Page for details.  A PayPal fee will be incurred.

Credit Cards:

Black Ski does not accept credit cards directly.  However, a customer with a PayPal account can use the PayPal procedure to make a payment to the club and fund that payment using their credit card via PayPal.  The PayPal fee will be incurred but no added fee for using your credit card (to the best of our knowledge).

General Instructions:

Please be specific with any payment: check, money order, cash, or PayPal.  Include name of payee and the purpose of the payment.  Include an itemized note if paying for multiple items (especially for cash). 

Black Ski Post Office Box:

Black Ski, Inc

P. O. Box 90762

Washington, DC 20090-0762

Make checks payable to "Black Ski, Inc"   with the designated activity in the note field

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