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Leadership Team


Term 2022-24

President                          Ty Clark

Administrative Support    Tammy Madison

Fundraising                      Lisa Alford

Racing                             Michael Lanier

Youth                                Sanitta Lanier

Term 2021-23

Finance                            Kathy Lambert

Advanced Planning         Vera Johnson

Communications              Alvin Frazier

Hospitality                        [Vacant]

Membership                    L'Tanya Talley


Secretary                         Dawnn McCleary

The Executive Committee consists of the following elected officers: President, Secretary, and Vice Presidents for Finance, Advance Planning, Administrative Support, Youth, Hospitality, Membership, Racing, Fundraising and Communications. The primary function of the Executive Committee is to implement the policies established by the Board of Directors and to supervise the direction of Black Ski, its committees and publications. Executive Committee Members serve for a term of 2 years with terms split into alternating years.










Russ Bacon

Ricky Hotten

Rod Quick

Betty Jones

Lenny Milner *

Ken Ford

Sandy Henderson

J Laws Nickens


Furman Marshall *

Mickey Diggs *

Donny Claytor *

Ray Mott *

Jim Thorne *

* Founders

Interim Chairman


Interim Chairman








President - Ty Clark

The president shall be the presiding officer at the general membership and executive meetings and shall administer all business of Black Ski as provided for by the Bylaws. 

Secretary - Dawnn McCleary

The Secretary shall Write and prepare all executive committee and general membership meeting minutes; Make copies of all minutes of previous meetings available to the general membership prior to each general membership meeting; Handle any correspondence necessary for the executive committee.

Advanced Planning - Vera Johnson

The Vice-President of Advanced Planning will plan and promote club activities and calendar.

Administrative Support - Beverly Broady

The Vice-President of Administrative Support shall provide computer assistance and clerical support, distribution of all written communication, and other support as needed to maintain efficient operation of the club.

Finance - Kathy Lambert

The Vice-President of Finance shall maintain financial records, prepare internal reports for the general membership, prepare all external documents for auditors, receive estimated budget, reports from committee vice presidents, prepare an annual budget, receive and allocate funds for club activities, supplies and the like.

Fundraising - Lisa Alford

The Vice-President of Fundraising shall plan and implement activities that will assist the club in meeting its financial obligations.

Hospitality - Meishia Hunter

The Vice-President of Hospitality shall extend greetings and fellowship to all members and guests of the club at all activities and club events.

Membership - L'Tanya Talley

The Vice-President of Membership shall conduct the annual membership drive, recruit and provide orientation for the new members, establish programs to renew inactive members.

Adult Racing - Michael Lanier

The Vice-President of Racing shall coordinate all racing activities, establish racing teams and programs, promote and generate enthusiasm for racing among club members.

Communications - Alvin Frazier

The Vice-President of Communications and Public Relations shall prepare all written communication to club members as well as serve as club liaison to the media.

Youth - Sanitta Lanier

The Vice-President of Youth shall promote activities among youth up to and including 18 years old.

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