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PayPal Instructions

PayPal Service Fee Required


When using PayPal to make payments to Black Ski for Goods and Services, PayPal charges the club a service fee of 2.99% of payment.  This service fee is the responsibility of the customer (the payee) as the club does not factor in this extra fee as part of any trip or activity markup charges. 


A PayPal user needs to add a PP fee up front to ensure Black Ski receives the proper intended payment.


To assist with this process, the table below on left specifies the proper PP payment amount to use to get the correct intended payment amount to Black Ski.  The PayPal Calculator on the right is for specific payment amounts not included in the table.  Just enter the desired Club Payment and the appropriate PayPal Payment and PayPal Fee will be computed for you.

NOTE: Black Ski does not accept PayPal Payment Type "Friends & Family" (also known as "Personal Payment").  In compliance with the PayPal License Agreement, payment type should always be for "Goods & Services" which requires the extra fee from the Customer.  


Black Ski's PayPal account is:

     Payment Type is:   "Goods & Services"

In many cases when purchasing an event or item, an optional PayPal button or PayPal form will be provided for the customer.  A PayPal fee is usually added as well for this method.  In this case, the PayPal fee is 3.49% of payment plus .049 cents.

PayPal Refunds - Important Note - If a PayPal refund is required, PayPal does not refund the PayPal Fee to the customer. As a result, a customer may forfeit their PayPal Fee during refund transactions.  An unfortunate rule by PayPal as the price of doing business (as is the case with most money transfer business services).


In some cases, an activity flyer will list the proper payment required when making a PayPal payment.

Contact the Trip or Activity Director for questions on PayPal.

PayPal Fee Samples

















































Send PayPal Payments to Account:

Payment Type: Goods & Services

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